Café Church

What is Café Church?

Café Church is a new way to worship God in an informal setting and ideally suited to young families.

Westbury Junior School

Café Church takes place at Westbury Junior School on Queen’s Park in Westbury on the second Sunday of each month and at the Memorial Hall in Dilton Marsh on the third Sunday of each month both starting at 10am. The service lasts for one hour.

The format is generally as follows: welcome with breakfast (toast, bread, croissants, tea, coffee etc); a gathering where we start our simple worship by greeting each other; a reading and short talk; simple prayers and a craft activity related to the theme of the day and ending with a blessing.

All are welcome at this service but it will particularly suit those with a young family who find the formality of regular services difficult or those who are curious about leading a Christian life but not sure that “Church” is right for them. This is a really great way to find out more about God, Jesus and the Christian life in a relaxed environment.

It’s a really friendly group of all ages and great for young children as they have activities to keep them busy and there’s a great breakfast! What’s not to like?

Why not come and give Café Church a go and find out for yourself?!