Mothers’ Union

The Westbury Mothers’ Union meets usually on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in the All Saints Parish Hall, Westbury.

The Mothers’ Union has a varied programme including talks on a wide range of topics and gets involved in a number of community events and programmes. Recently they have been involved in:

  • Virtual Baby project at Matravers School
  • Raised money through coffee mornings for the Mothers’ Union Fund
  • Enjoyed a Quiet Day at Lea Cottage
  • Collected cleaning materials and clothing for the Women’s’ Refuge
  • Helped with the First Steps to Worship

New members are welcome to attend the meeting on the second Wednesday of the month in the Parish Hall at 2.30pm

For more information contact Jean Jane 01373 864585

The Dilton Marsh Mother’s Union Branch usually meet on Thursdays, in members’ homes, but during the COVID-19 virus, all members are currently treated as Indoor Members with great support from the Salisbury Diocese and the branch leader, Jocelyn Short.

Dear Everyone,
A Happy New Year to you all and let’s hope that in 2021 life will eventually begin to return to normal.
I hope we will all be able to meet again soon and begin to resume our Mothers’ Union activities.
With very best wishes
Jocelyn 01.01.2021