Seder Supper Maundy Thursday 29 March 2018

It has become the tradition at All Saints’ Church to hold a “Seder Supper” before the Maundy Thursday liturgy.

This is to reflect that Christ’s trial, crucifixion and resurrection all took place a the time of the Jewish Festival of the Passover.  

The Seder supper is a meal shared together using elements of a Jewish Passover meal. We taste herbs, horseradish, salted water, crackers, and juice. Each plays their part in the story. Passages are read from the Old Testament and the priest explains what we are doing and why we are tasting certain parts of the meal. Jesus and his friends shared the Passover together before he was arrested.

The Passover festival commemorates the passing over of the angel of death in Egypt in the time of the pharaohs and is part of the story of the Israelite’s flight from Egypt led by the Prophet Moses.

After the Passover part of the meal we will be sharing a meal with a middle eastern theme.

All are welcome to join this event but please contact the team office to confirm you will attend.

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