Prayer Diary July 2022

We hope that you may wish to use this list to help you with your own prayers. In this way, we can pray together, as a parish, for our common concerns.

1. We pray for our Curate, Holly, on the eve of her ordination.

2. We pray for the work of our Eco Church Team at Holy Trinity.

3.Thank You Day: For the NHS and all medical, health and care workers.

4. Plastic Free Month: For us all to make small changes to make a massive difference to our communities; for cleaner streets, beaches and oceans.

5. We pray for safety and peace for all caught in the fighting in Ukraine.

6. We pray for refugees who have fled conflict or persecution.

7. ‘Talk to Us’ Month:  We pray for the work of The Samaritans.

8. We pray for all who have responsibilities within our local churches.

9. We pray for healing and comfort for those who are sick in body, mind or spirit.

10. We pray for baptism families and couples who are getting married in our church.

11. For all who live in Park Rd, The Circle and The Crescent.

12. We pray for the work of our local parish, town and county councils.

13. We pray for all those who are worried about the rising ‘cost of living’.

14. We pray for all at Fairfield Farm College, shop and cafe.

15  St Swithin’s Day: We pray for good weather this summer.

16. We pray for the residents of our local care and nursing homes.

17. Sea Sunday: We pray for all who make their living at or from the sea.

18. World Day for International Justice (17th): We pray for justice for all and for the promotion of victim’s rights.                                  

19. We pray for all schoolchildren to have a happy, healthy summer holiday.

20. For aid workers who are helping refugees, migrants and the homeless.

21. We pray for all our local community groups.

22. For people with Covid and those still suffering from the effects of Covid.

23. We pray for the people of Sudan and South Sudan, especially Maridi Diocese.

24 For us all to be aware of the challenges faced by those with mental health issues and to breakdown stigma and discrimination.

25. St Christopher’s Day: We pray for all travellers and mariners.

26. We pray for peace in The Holy Land.

27. We pray for the victims of modern day slavery.

28. For those no longer able to attend church through illness or infirmity.

29. We pray for those who reside and work in our prisons.

30. International Friendship Day: For peace, happiness and unity.

31. We pray that the recently bereaved and all those who mourn may find comfort.

Yours in Christ,

Tess Brocksopp.