Prayer Diary June 2022

We hope that you may wish to use this list to help you with your prayers. In this way, we can pray together, as a parish, for our common concerns.

1st: International Children’s Day: We pray for protection from exploitation and for the well being of all children.

2nd: Volunteer Week: For the work of volunteers who raise awareness and funds for numerous charities and good causes.

3rd   We pray for the people of Ukraine and for peace              

4th: We pray for Elizabeth our Queen, as we celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, for her 70 years of service to our country.

5th:  Pentecost: For our fellow Christians throughout the world

6th: World Environment Day (5th): For awareness of environmental issues and to encourage political action.

7th: For the children and staff in our local schools.

8th: World Oceans Day: We pray for the protection of the planet’s marine environment.

9th: We pray for those in ill health, especially hospital patients

10th: We pray for the Thrive Team at Holy Trinity Church.

11th: Oxfam Water Week: We pray for the 785 million people who do not have clean water close to home.

12th Trinity Sunday: For Holy Trinity Church and its community

.13th: We pray for all those in the medical profession and emergency services.

14th: For the residents and staff in our care and nursing homes

15th: Roads to God: For the residents of Red Pit, Greenacres and Lansdown Close.

16th: Clean Air Day: For tackling air pollution to become a priority and for the protection of people’s health.

17th: For all who suffer anxiety and depression, bring peace

18th: We pray for all who are in financial need.

19th: Father’s Day: For fathers and all who care for us.

20th: World Refugee Day: For all who have been forced to flee their home country to escape conflict or persecution.

21st: For the local food banks and those who rely on them

22nd   We pray for the people of South Sudan.

23rd: For those with sensory impairment, that they receive the support they need.

24th: For help and comfort for victims of abuse and violence

25th :  Armed Forces Day: For the armed forces and veterans.

26th: International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking: We pray for a society free of drug abuse.

27th: We pray for our politicians and decision makers.

28th: We pray for those in war-torn and troubled countries.

29th: For the homeless, that they may find sanctuary.

30th: We pray for those in need of spiritual healing.

31st: For the bereaved, may they find comfort and peace.

Yours in Christ, Tess Brocksopp