Prayer Diary May 2022

We hope that you may wish to use this list to help you with your own prayers. In this way, we can pray together, as a parish, for our common concerns.

1st May Day: We pray for all to take responsibility for the welfare of our land.
2nd We pray for practical and emotional support for displaced families, to give hope for the future.
3rd We pray for the clergy in our benefice, deanery and diocese.
4th We pray for the work of our Pastoral Focus Group at Holy Trinity.
5th Europe Day: We pray for peace and unity in Europe.
6th For the students and staff at Fairfield College, shop and cafe.
7th For the work of food banks and those who rely on the food aid.
8th Deaf Awareness: To raise awareness of isolation and promote importance of inclusion for people with hearing loss.
9th We pray for all who are living with ill health, may they receive the care and support they need.
10th.We pray for the work of Westbury Area Churches Together.
11th Roads to God: For the residents of The Hollow, Lyes Grove and Orchard Close.
12th We pray for the people of Maridi Diocese in South Sudan.
13th For all involved with Cafe Church at Westbury Junior School.
14th Fair Trade Day: For us all to, where possible, choose Fair Trade goods, becoming fair and ethical consumers. Therefore, helping the fight against economic crisis, poverty, gender inequality and climate change.
15th Christian Aid Week: For the work of this charity, helping vulnerable communities to survive, around the world.
16th We continue to pray for all those suffering from Covid 19.
17th We pray for the anxious and depressed, that they may find peace of mind.
18th We pray for prisoners and their families and for prison staff.
19th For people around the world who are persecuted for their faith.
20th We pray for the families and helpers who attend Lego Church.
21st We pray for the recently bereaved and all who mourn.
22nd Rogation Sunday: We ask that the fields are blessed and that the harvest will be plentiful. We pray for all who work on the land.
23rd We pray for aid workers in war torn and disaster areas.
24th For the work of the Mothers Union both here and abroad.
25th For governments and world leaders to work together in harmony.
26th Ascension Day: For all Christians as they celebrate this special day.
27th We pray for those who are lonely, that they may be comforted.
28th For the ‘Open The Book’ team who visit our local primary schools.
29th We pray for those living in poverty, without basic amenities.
30th We pray for victims of domestic abuse, that they receive help.
31st We pray for all who give spiritual guidance, help and healing.