The Vicars of Westbury Parish

Our register of the Vicars of Westbury Parish returns

The history of All Saints’ goes back a long way. One of the places this history is recorded is in our list of the Vicars of Westbury which goes back to 1377 with William Niobe.

The list is tucked away in the South Aisle but has been missing for many months.

The arrival of Rev’d Rebecca Harris in February 2020 prompted us to update the list. The delay to completion was caused by the Covid pandemic.

We contacted the renowned calligrapher Peter Halliday FSSI FCLAS who is based in Burton upon Trent. Peter made good some earlier entries on our list which is written on vellum that had faded and add our most recent incumbents Rev’d Rhona Floate and Rev’d Rebecca Harris.

Designer Framing here in Westbury reframed the list with a smart new mount and frame.

Thank you to Lynne Vercoe our Team Administrator for organising the work!

Pop in and take a look some time!