Prayer Diary for April

We hope that you may wish to use this prayer diary to help you with your own prayers. In this way, we can pray together, as a parish, for our common concerns

1st We pray for the people of Ukraine and for peace in their country.

2nd Autism Awareness Day: To increase understanding and acceptance and to highlight the need to help improve the quality of life for those with Autism.

3rd We pray for Rev.Caroline and all our clergy in the White Horse Team Ministry.

4th For the children and staff in our local primary and senior schools.

5th For people suffering from Covid 19 and living with Long Covid.

6th For the residents and staff in our local care and nursing homes.

7th World Health Day: For everyone to be able to access good healthcare.

8th Roads to God: For the residents of Stormore and Clearwood..

9th For Diana, our new Churchwarden and members of the  PCC.

10th For those working in the medical professions and emergency services.

11th Parkinson’s Awareness Day: For all living with Parkinson’s and for their carers.

12th We pray for peace in war torn and troubled countries.

13th For refugees, migrants and the homeless, may they find sanctuary.

14th Maundy Thursday: Love one another; we pray for all in our community.

15th Good Friday: We pray for all who are persecuted for their faith.

16th We pray for all suffering from ill health, especially those in hospital.

17th Easter Sunday: For our fellow Christians, around the world.

18th World Heritage Day: To promote awareness about the diversity of the cultural heritage of humanity.

19th Primrose Day: We give thanks for our wonderful English countryside.

20th For ‘First Steps to Worship’ (All Saints) and ‘Little Lights Stay and Play’ (West End Baptist Church) baby, toddler and pre-school groups.

21st We pray for Elizabeth, our Queen, on her birthday.

22nd Earth Day: For us all to take action and protect our environment.

23rd St George’s Day: For our politicians to make the right decisions.

24th For people living with mental health issues, may they receive the help they need

25th We pray for all the victims of the many different types of abuse.

26th For aid workers and charities in war ravaged countries and disaster areas.

27th We pray for the bereaved, may they find comfort.

28th We pray for our armed forces and for veterans.

29th For people living in poverty, both here and around the world.

30th We pray for all those in need of spiritual healing.

Yours in Christ,

Tess Brocksopp