We hope that you may wish to use this list to help you with your own prayers. In this way, we can pray together, as a parish, for our common concerns.

St David’s Day 1st March

1st: St David’s Day: We pray for all who teach and preach the word of God. For our White Horse Team Clergy.
2nd: World Teen Mental Wellness Day: We pray for all young people who are living with mental health issues.
3rd: World Wildlife Day: We pray for the conservation of critically endangered species of flora and fauna.
4th: We pray for those in ill health, especially hospital patients.
5th: For the residents and staff in our care and nursing homes.
6th: For those taking on new responsibilities at our churches.
7th: For the children and staff in our local schools.
8th: International Women’s Day: We pray for equality and a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination.
9th: We pray for prisoners and their families.
10th: World Kidney Day: For awareness of better kidney care.
11th: For Forces Veterans and the charities which assist them.
12th For all Carers; both professional and volunteer.
13th: For all our friends across the White Horse Team Ministry.
14th: Commonwealth Day: For our Queen and for the friendship and goodwill of the 54 commonwealth countries.

H.M. The Queen arriving at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Foreign & Commonwealth Office

15th: Roads to God: This month we pray for the residents of Fairwood and Old Dilton.
16th: For the victims of physical and psychological abuse.
17th: St Patrick’s Day: For the work of Christian Missionaries.
18th: Global Recycling Day: For individuals, governments and organisations to take direct action to support the Green Agenda
19th: We pray for those who feel isolated or lonely.
20th: For our politicians and decision makers.
21st: For the anxious or depressed, bring comfort.
22nd: World Day for Water: For the protection and conservation of water resources and supplies of drinking water.

Water use and conservation is important. Pix Tracey Nicholls CSIRO

23rd: For all who work hard to benefit of our local community.
24th: World TB Day: For an end to this global epidemic.
25th: For all who work in the medical professions.
26th: For the homeless, that they may find sanctuary.
27th: Mothering Sunday: For mothers and care-givers.
28th: We pray for those in war-torn and troubled countries.
29th: For us to help those in need in our own community.
30th: We pray for those in need of spiritual healing.
31st: For the bereaved, may they find comfort and peace.

In Memory

Tess Brocksopp, Licensed Pastoral Assistant