February Prayer Diary

We hope that you may wish to use this prayer diary to help you with your own prayers. In this way, we can pray together, as a parish, for our common concerns.

1st We continue to pray for all those affected by Covid 19.

2nd Candlemas: We pray for our baptism families.

3rd For all involved with Soul Space at Holy Trinity.

4th World Cancer Day: to raise awareness,for education, prevention, detection and treatment of cancer.

5th  For those who are ill, their families and carers.

6th  For people who are alone, without care and support.

7th Marriage Week: For all those planning to marry this year and also to give thanks for happy marriages.

8th Safer Internet Day: For all children to have safe internet use.

9th  Roads to God: For residents of Tower Hill, Honey Lane and Vicarage Gardens.

10th We pray for all the clergy in the White Horse Team

11th We pray for refugees, migrants and the homeless.

12th For the victims of abuse and the work of refuges.

13th  We pray for the Westbury Area Network who run the Food Bank and for all who make use of the produce.

14th St Valentine’s Day: Variety Club Gold Heart Day: We pray for sick, disadvantaged and disabled children.

15th For all who administer the Covid vaccine and for the workers and volunteers at vaccination centres.

16th  For all the children and staff at Dilton Marsh School

17th Kindness Day: For all to do an act of kindness for others

18th For the work of our politicians and their advisors.

19th For the students and staff at Fairfield College.

20th Student Volunteer Week: We give thanks for all volunteers.

21st You Can Care Week: We give thanks for all who work in Health and Social Care and also for the many unpaid carers.

22nd Thinking Day: For the Girl Guide and Scout movements.

23th We pray for all who live with anxiety or depression.     

24th We pray for all who are persecuted for their faith.

25th For the work of the PCC and volunteers in our churches.   

26th We pray for the recently bereaved and all those who mourn, may they find comfort.

27th Fairtrade Fortnight: For Fairtrade, who work with farming co-operatives, businesses and governments to make trade fair so that producers earn secure and sustainable livelihoods. 28th We pray for the Maridi Diocese in South Sudan.