Thrive Update from Holy Trinity

An update from the team working on the Diocese’s Rural Ministry programme – Thrive

The Thrive group continue to meet, having taken a short break over Christmas, our focus for the next few months is on discipleship. During the training event we were asked to consider how do we encourage people to grow in their faith, to ask questions, to take next steps, to identify calling and gifting, how we encourage seekers, do we offer a safe place for people to just inquire? What courses do we offer? What opportunities do people have to pray together, serve together, learn together?

At present we have several opportunities available for those within the church, i.e. read the Bible in a year, Life groups, Pilgrim course, Lent course. We also encourage members to consider if their calling is to roles serving the local church, to roles serving the wider church at deanery or diocesan level, as well as to ministry such as lay pastoral assistant, lay worship leader, lay minister, as well as opportunities for individuals to exercise their gifts in administrative and practical ways in the church for example serving refreshments, serving on the PCC, Church Warden as well as many others.

In terms of newcomers to faith, all are invited to join what is already going on, Rev Caroline has also run individual courses for those exploring baptism, confirmation and to receive Holy Communion.

We have begun a new outreach to families through LEGO church and Soul Space, these may provide doorways for people to explore questions of faith.

If you would like to contribute to this conversation, please speak to a member of the team: Tess Brocksopp, Penny Hill, Caroline Husband, Cliff Husband, Ashley Jones, Lynne Vercoe.

We have one more formal training left to complete in June. The official end of this course takes place in November in a special celebration with Bishop Andrew.