Holy Trinity Welcomes Diana and Stan

Holy Trinity Church Welcomes Diana and Stan, two Lay Pastoral Assistants who have transferred their licence as pastoral assistants from Worcester Diocese to Salisbury and working with us in the White Horse Team. Please do invite them out for a cup of tea/coffee and get to know them, here’s some background…

When we moved here just over twelve months ago, we were really pleased to find, so quickly, such a welcoming church family and one which we felt was the right place for us.

We both have a desire to share the gospel and God’s love and compassion to the people we meet and to help people on their faith journey.


I have done quite a bit of pastoral care training in the past. Pastoral care is a very wide area, but I have a particular calling to help and support older people and also people living with dementia. I feel an important part of this means coming alongside the family and friends who support these people as they can often feel isolated and overwhelmed. Over a number of years, I have been aware of the need for more help and pastoral care for those suffering with mental health issues. Again, this is a very wide area from suicidal thoughts to stress and depression. But there is definitely a need for help and support.

I hope to help to build on the ministry of pastoral care already being carried out in in Holy Trinity Church.


Hi everybody, I am looking forward this year to spending more time with you (was that a groan I heard!) and I thought a brief outline of my past would be helpful.

I was a lecturer in further education, working with students in their late teens. Diana and I spent some years in Brunei (North Borneo) where I was establishing courses and setting up workshops for young students. We went to India and Africa to preach and teach to Christian groups. I also wrote up training booklets to help the local church leaders (in India and Africa) to enable them to further establish the young Christians in the gospel.

I love working with small groups of people who desire to understand the bible and develop their faith. Since the 80’s I have found an increasing desire to reach out to help people of all age groups (regardless of race, gender or background) to help them establish a deep abiding relationship with the Lord Jesus.