Wiltshire Ride and Stride

Saturday 11 September

Is anyone interested in being part of this, this year? There are three ways in which we could be involved:

Join us!

1. Join me in taking part in walking to all the churches in our Team! Starting at All Saints at 10.00 am, we take the route to Holy Saviour Westbury Leigh, to St Mary’s Old Dilton, to Holy Trinity DM and then on to All Saints Brokerswood, returning to Westbury (or your home) after that. The route is approximately 9 miles. If you feel you can’t manage all of that, you could join us at your nearest church for part of the route. The idea is that we stop off at each church, where we have our forms stamped, proving that we stopped there. We could have a group sponsorship, so inviting church members, friends and family to sponsor us if we take part. We bring our own drinks and a packed lunch. A cold drink or tea and coffee would be welcome at each church stop-off.

Support us!

2. If you are not up to taking part in the above, it would also be good to have our churches manned for all or part of the day. Bear in mind, there may be other riders (on bikes) or striders taking part from other places who would appreciate finding our churches open and drinks and a toilet available. This could be done by any volunteers who don’t mind sitting in our churches for a time (to be arranged).

Sponsor us!

3. You could sponsor those taking part. The sponsorship money goes towards the Historic Churches Trust which makes grants to historic churches like ours. Half of it is returned to us (after gift aid) as a thank you for taking part.

It seems to me that both All Saints and Holy Trinity have benefitted from grants from trust funds during the last year. This would be an opportunity for us to give something back. The Wiltshire branch offers prizes to people who visit the most churches, or collect the most money! For more details, see www.wiltshirehistoricchurches.org.uk. A sponsorship form is attached to this newsletter if you would like to collect sponsorship from personal friends and family.

If you are able to take part in either way, please sign the list in church, or let me know.

Thank you!

Rebecca Harris