New Safeguarding Officer required for Westbury Parish

I have been the temporary Safeguarding Officer for Westbury since Easter, while we have been waiting for a new person to take it on. The person we had in mind is now not able to do it, so I would like to appeal for someone else to take this on. While I was happy to do a holding job for the time being, it shouldn’t really be held by a member of the clergy but a lay person.

We already have a small team in place with a DBS verifier for the Benefice and a separate PSO for Dilton Marsh.


We are looking for someone who;

  • understands the importance of safeguarding
  • who is discreet and can maintain confidentiality
  • is well-organised and efficient
  • has some level of computer literacy
  • can work in a supportive capacity with our team members
  • is prepared to give a bit of time to this important aspect of ministry.

The role will involve keeping abreast of safeguarding developments and keeping the PCCs and leadership informed; maintaining records of DBS checks for all who are required to have them; making sure that people undertake the necessary training; overseeing the safe recruitment of volunteers; working in collaboration with the Diocesan Safeguarding office in Salisbury.

Full training and support will be given. Once you have received the training, it is not an onerous or time-consuming role, but does require a responsible person who is known within our church community and whom people will feel able to approach confidentially.

The sort of people who might have the right skills and background are those who may have worked in education, been a school governor, in the police force, social work, medicine, care work or in a voluntary capacity with children or young people. (This list is not exhaustive).

More information can be found on the Diocesan website Safeguarding page:

If anyone would like to enquire further, please contact me. Please consider prayerfully whether this is a way in which you could support your local church and our team ministry.

Rebecca Harris