Prayer Diary August 2021

We hope that you may wish to use this list to help you with your own prayers. In this way, we can pray together, as a parish, for our common concerns.

1st. Lammas Day. We pray for the farmers harvesting the crops.
2nd. For all who continue to work to combat the Corona Virus.
3rd. For our White Horse Team Clergy, both lay and ordained.
4th. Coast Guard Day. For Coast Guards and other emergency services.
5th. For all at Fairfield Farm College, shop and cafe.
6th.Hiroshima Day. We pray for peace throughout the world.
7th. Holy Trinity Eco Church Day. For improvements to our local environment.
8th. We pray for the recently bereaved and for all who mourn.
9th. Mary Sumner Day. For the work of the Mothers Union, worldwide.
10th. We pray for comfort for those who feel isolated and lonely.
11th. For those suffering from ill health and the people who care for them.
12th. Roads to God: for all in School Lane, The Avenue and Woodland View.
13th. Florence Nightingale d 1910. We pray for all in the nursing profession.
14th. For the work of local Food Banks and the people who rely on them.
15th. VJ Day. For the Armed Forces and Veterans.
16th. For the work of Volunteers both locally and worldwide.
17th. For the work of our local Parish and Town Councillors.
18th. We pray for peace of mind for the anxious or depressed.
19th. World Humanitarian Day. For those caught up in world conflict.
20th. For the work of The Salvation Army.
21st. Senior Citizen Day. For the senior residents in our local community.
22nd. For the victims of physical or psychological abuse.
23rd. For those living in poverty, without basic amenities.
24th. For us to share our resources with those in hardship.
25th. For young people whose education has been interrupted by the pandemic.
26th. For our local shops and businesses who serve our needs.
27th. We pray for people who wish to be free of their addictions.
28th. For the people of Maridi Diocese in South Sudan.
29th. For the work of Westbury Area Churches Together.
30th. We pray for ‘missing people’ and the families who are waiting for them.
31st. We pray for our own families and friends.

Yours in Christ,

Tess Brocksopp