Darning my socks in glittery wool

Recently whilst sorting through my dressing table drawers I decided to tidy my socks, as I paired them up I came across some whose toes I had darned. I hadn’t used matching wool however but darned them in red glittery wool. The repair really stood out (it was a good job my sewing was neat). I am fond of glitter, you cannot work with small children for over 40 years and not get covered in the stuff at some point during the year. I was glad to see in the news that environmentally friendly bio degradeable glitter has now been invented. You might wonder why I chose glittery wool, Why draw attention to the fault and not try to cover it up and make it blend in? However I don’t see the darning as a fault, If I had left the hole the socks would have been useless but that glittery repair had made the socks like new, just as Christ can repair us and make us like new. With the glittering shining light of Christ shining out of us in our words and actions.

A few years ago when my middle daughter was dating her then boyfriend she woke up on Valentines morning to find he had romantically decorated our front porch with flowers, cards and sprinkled hundreds of tiny red glittery sequinned hearts across the porch floor as a sign of how much he loved her (and still does, as they are now married). He had gone to so much effort to show her his love just as God has put all his effort into showing us how much he loves us. Some times when I am hoovering I still come across one of these hearts, there were so many they got caught in between the cracks in the tiles and slid under the hall carpet. Each time I find one it reminds me of that morning, that outpouring of love and the delight it gave my daughter

Glitter always makes me smile, that little sparkle glinting out as the light hits it. As you look around the world there are so many small things to delight in that God has created for us. Grand views from mountain tops are wonderful but finding a half hidden flower peeping out from some long grass, a ladybird, a spiral of a shell, the song of a bird or a cobweb on a frosty morning can bring just as much delight. I bought a piece of art work made by one of the students at Fairfield Farm College it is a quote from Picasso which they had decorated with pencil and felt pens. The quote reads ‘The purpose of art is to wash the dust of everyday life off of our souls’. How wonderful that we have a God who cares enough about us to create these wonders in our world to make our daily lives just a little more sparkly! Psalm 118 verse 24 says ‘This is the day which the Lord has made, we will be full of joy and delight in it’

Sharon Jones

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