Quiet Day for Candlemas

Presentation of Christ including a blessing of your candles at home

A light for revelation to the Gentiles and for the glory of your people

Luke 2:32 NIV

There has been a long tradition in the Christian faith to step aside to hear from God. Moses stepped aside to hear from God through a bush that was aflame with God’s Presence, we are invited to attend to God, to bring our worries and concerns before God and to stand on Holy Ground as we learn to hear from God.

We sometimes think that retreats or quiet days are only for the religious, however, we can all benefit from spending time in the company of God. This is what we hope to do when we come to church, we hope to spend time with God, at the moment this is not possible, however, it is possible to spend intentional time with God in our own homes.

Plan your Quiet Day at home

It would be helpful to plan how you might do this, will you include silence as part of the prayer, will you include activity such as walking, crafting or baking, can you prepare a special place for you to sit, ponder and meditate? Gather some prayerful items to use such as a journal, pens, a bible, a candle, an icon if you have one. Some people find it helpful to have a visual focus, others like to have background music such as that by Margaret Rizza.

This is special time that you are giving to God, to listen, to speak, ponder and muse.

May you be richly blessed as you ponder God’s word this day,

grace and peace,

Rev’d Caroline Husband

Just follow the YouTube Links here throughout the day. Or you can find them on our YouTube Channel here… The Quiet Day launches at 8.45am on Tuesday 2 February.

The services can be found here…

Opening Worship
Reading and Reflection 1 from Revd Melanie Otto
Reading and Reflection 2 from Revd Rebecca Harris
Reading and Reflection 3 from Bishop Karen of Sherborne
Closing Worship

Planning your Quiet Day at home

If you are able, you may like to take a whole day to set aside to hear and to learn from God, if however, you are unable to do this, you may be able to spend two hours each evening in prayer as you listen to the reading and reflection, perhaps take a walk, eat supper and pray.

A suggested time frame for a quiet day

After breakfast, attend the opening worship, then listen to the first talk by Rev’d Melanie Otto, take a walk and allow the words you have heard to form into prayer as you meditate on them. Meditation in this sense means to ponder them in your heart as Mary did. Or, you may prefer to chew them over and wrestle with them as Jacob did.

An hour before lunch, listen to the second reading and reflection by Rev’d Rebecca Harris. This time you might like to do something creative, perhaps make lunch, or crafting, or gardening…something you enjoy doing. Ponder over the words and allow these to form into prayer.

Between 3and 4pm attend to the third reading and reflection by Bishop Karen, spend some time writing in your journal, reflecting on the things you have heard throughout the day. Come back and finish the quiet day with the closing act of worship also available through the links.

Creating prayerful space for a quiet day at home

It would be helpful to prepare your space the evening before, this will help to create a prayerful space in your home, we have to be a little more intentional about what we are doing when staying in the home. Consider if you would like to have candles around your favoured spot, a Bible, your journal, with pens, pencils, chalks, a cross, something to hold such as a piece of rope or a cross, flowers. This is to be your prayerful area, make it comfortable and place things there that will help you to focus on God, and to rest in His Presence.

Make sure you inform the people you live with, especially if you would like to spend some time in silence. I have found that whilst cohabiting it is helpful to have meal times as talk times, but the times in between I find easier to practice silence.

May you be richly blessed as you spend time with the Lord

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