Prayers for our Parochial Church Councils

Prayers: Joint PCC Meeting 18.1.21:
Theme: Why does the PCC exist?

  1. To play its part in God’s Mission to his world:

To live out the Good News and love of Jesus, to be his ‘living stones’ in our daily lives, conversations and relationships; to deepen our faith and the faith of our congregations and to see new people of all ages wanting to meet Jesus.

  1. To co-operate with the ministers in sharing leadership:

We pray for our Diocese; Bishops, Archdeacons and Rural Deans; for the White Horse Ministry Team, for Rebecca and Caroline and for Melonie as she is called to a new parish in Bristol.
For our Church Wardens, especially those you will call to serve you in that way at Holy Trinity.

For all our PCC Members – those elected, volunteers and ‘conscripted’ – and all the skills and insights they each have to offer in serving you, our church leaders and our local communities.

  1. To ensure legal compliance with charity law and ecclesiastical Law (finance, employment, and appointments):

We pray for those who determine and uphold our Church Laws and traditions; to be mindful of your higher Laws and ways of living in harmony with you and each other; for wisdom to enable us to faithfully witness to you Lord despite our closed churches and other restrictions, dilemmas on sharing the sacraments, and for the inspiration, faith and technical skills for new ways of ‘being church’.

  1. To care for the buildings and churchyards so that they can be best suited for the purpose of the church’s ministry and mission:

We pray for those who advise and look after our fabric – the builders, handy persons, gardeners, cleaners; all those behind-the-scenes who enable us to safely use our buildings when we are allowed to.
For the Steering Group considering improvement to the Parish Hall at All Saints and the consultations with those who might use it.

The Friends of the Tin Church and other interested parties at Brokerswood where the temporary building was never intended to last so long but which needs proper foundations if it is to be a safe place of worship.

The Trustees at Holy Saviour who maintain and manage that building.
For all those trying to follow through the recommendations of our Quinquennial Architects to maintain our buildings.
For those raising funds and juggling the demands upon our limited resources, especially in these difficult times.

  1. To be a channel of consultation within the wider Church through its synodical structures on matters that affect the Church locally and nationally:

We pray for our Diocesan and Deanery Synod representatives reflecting the wide range of views in our communities and in the Anglican Communion, and the various issues it faces which can so easily divide us.
For those who encourage the links with other Denominations through Westbury Area Churches Together including shared services, town prayers, community activities and Cross-point.

Lastly, we pray for ourselves, for renewed commitment to serve you through our roles in each church, our PCCs and community groups and the difficult decisions we all face…….

Graeme Stevensen, LLM