Annual Parochial Church Meeting

We will be holding a short Annual Parochial Church Meeting after our Holy Communion service at 10.30am. This is for members of All Saints’ and Holy Saviour Churches which make up the Parish of Westbury.

Westbury PCC


Parish of Westbury
A meeting for the election of churchwardens will be held in All Saints’ Church, Westbury on 18th day of October at 10.30am

This meeting may be attended by: All persons whose names are entered on the church electoral roll of the parish and
All persons resident in the parish whose names are entered on a register of local government electors by reason of such residence

Signed Rev’d Rebecca Harris Minister
Dated September 2020

Westbury PCC


Parish of Westbury
The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held in All Saints’ Church on the 18th day of October at 10.30am

For the election of Parochial representatives of the laity as follows:
1. To the Deanery Synod three representatives.
2. To the Parochial Church Council twelve representatives.
For the appointment of Sidesmen and the Independent Examiner or Auditor.
For the consideration of:
(a) A Report on changes in the roll since the annual parochial church meeting;
(b) An Annual Report of the proceedings of the parochial church council and the activities of the parish generally;
(c) The Financial Statements of the Council for the year ending on the 31st December immediately preceding the meeting, audited or independently examined;
(d) A Report on the fabric, goods and ornaments of the church or churches of the parish;
(e) A Report on the proceedings of the Deanery Synod;
and other matters of parochial or general Church interest.

Signed Rev’d Rebecca Harris
Minister of the Parish

1. All persons whose names are entered upon the Church Electoral Roll of the parish (and such persons only) are entitled to vote at the election of parochial representatives of the laity.
2. Subject to the provisions of rule 14(3)(c), a person is qualified to be elected a parochial representative of the laity if
a) his name is entered on the Church Electoral Roll of the parish;
b) he is an actual communicant which means that he has received Communion according to the use of the Church of England or of a Church in communion with the Church of England at least three times during the twelve months preceding the date of the election;
c) he is of eighteen years or upwards (for election to the deanery synod) or of sixteen years or upwards (for election to the parochial church council).
d) He is not disqualified as referred to in paragraph 3 of these notes.
3. A person is disqualified from being nominated, chosen or elected from
a) serving as a churchwarden or a member of a parochial church council, a district church council or any synod under these rules if he is disqualified from being a charity trustee under section 72(1) of the Charities Act 1993 and the disqualification is not for the time being subject to a general waiver by the Charity Commissioners under subsection 4 of that section or to a waiver by them under that subsection in respect of all ecclesiastical charities established for purposes relating to the parish concerned. (Ecclesiastical charity has the same meaning as that assigned to that expression in the Local Government Act 1894).
b) serving as a churchwarden, a member of a parochial church council, if he has been so disqualified from holding office under section 10(6) of the Incumbent (Vacation of Benefice) Measure 1997.
4. Any person whose name is on the electoral roll may be appointed as a sidesman.

If you would like to be nominated to be Churchwarden please see this form.

The agenda, minutes of last meeting and the reports from 2019 can be found here.

The annual financial report which has been submitted to the Charity Commission can be found here.

We are seeking 3 representatives for the the Deanery Synod and the form can be found here.

If you would like to take part in running our Parish please consider joining the PCC which meets every 2 months. A form for nomination can be found here.